South River ON


All Season Off-Grid Tiny Homes near South River Ontario

Please browse through our FAQs below to answer some of your questions.

We are located 25 minutes away from breathtaking South River, Ontario, on an all-access all-season road near Highway 11, approximately 3.5 hours North of Toronto. We are accessible by appointment only.
Yes there is access 365 days a year with roads cleared in the Winter by the Municipality.
We strive to keep as many evergreens as possible between all lots for year round privacy for everyone.
Each lot is approx 12,000 sq ft (usually 60 ft frontage x 200 ft depth).
You are permitted to have 1 (one) of the following on your lot:
Tiny Home on Wheels
1 Vehicle (1 driveway unless purchased 2)
Storage Shed
Small chicken/rabbit coop

Pre-approval must be attained from property owners prior to any permanent changes made as per Ministry of Environment Regulations.
Please be advised, as of 2023, due to MECP guidelines, all Tiny Homes on Wheels under 375 sq ft will have a maximum of 2 individuals due to overcrowding and grey water output limits.
Maximum of 2 domestic animals are allowed, however must be on a leash within the common areas. You must poop and scoop at all times.
Other animals are subject to approval. A maximum of 2 Chickens (no Roosters) and 2 Rabbits are permitted. Other livestock is not permitted at this time. In the future, we are planning to have a barn managed by the Members.
MANDATORY for your own safety. All members are required to have their own insurance coverage for their dwelling. A copy of the insurance slip must be provided within the 1st month of occupancy.


Intact Insurance

RecProtect Insurance (BY COBURN INSURANCE BROKERS LTD) 1-888-887-0881

Brad Thompson (Cooperators North Bay)

Unorganized Township has no building permits and no restrictions on sizes and type of structures. Nevertheless, all of our dwellings are built far above the Ontario Building Code. Final building inspections are mandatory.
Within a 15 minute drive, you can find ample Fishing, Canoeing, Hunting, Golf Course, Dog-sledding. The Supermarket, Restaurants, Post Office, Gas Station, Brewery, LCBO, Beer Store are located in South River, only 25 minutes away. The 24 hour Foodland and laundry and Home Hardware is located 35 minutes away in Sundridge.
We will NOT be connected to the grid. All members can use alternative sources of power such as gas, propane, solar, electric, wind, and generators for their lots.
1. Boil water 2. Use Berkey filter system 3. Filtration systems are typically installed in an on-grid house because of the power required, however in an off-grid situation, the water pressure is negatively affected and can drain your solar system unless you invest in a large system to accommodate the extra power needed.
We will NOT be installing a septic system. All lots MUST be set up/have composting toilets. Human waste should be composted for fertilizer in your garden (immediately for bushes, but 2 year waiting period for edibles), but can also be thrown out with your garbage in a tight, secure bag. No burning of waste is allowed.
1. Clean out your ashes often
2. Buy a chimney sweep log to clean it out
3. Do not leave the fire going unattended
4. Burn dry hardwood only
5. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby
If you are away for several days, make sure to keep your propane heater on and leave all of your cupboards open including access to your water tote for heat to flow through.

Unplug your Hot Water Tank and stuff a cloth on the outside to prevent ice build up.

Leave your taps on for a small drip or empty your water tote completely especially if leaving for an extended period of time.
NOT RECOMMENDED/DOESN'T work with off-grid living:

> Incinorating Toilets (Incinolet, Cinderella, etc.)
> Flush Toilets
> Air exchanger & Air conditioning
> Microwave
> In-floor heating
> Electrical fridge
> Electrical freezer
> Small/Medium Kitchen Appliances
> Regular Washer/Dryer

> Separret Series Composting Toilets are amazing product
> Yamaha 7200 generator is best over other brands (better to have a strong back up system rather than spending $1500 each year and replace every year)
> SkeeterVAC for mosquito and deer fly control
> Propane appliances are ideal
> Other appliances can be run when plugged into the Generator
> Off-grid Washer/Dryer or small apartment sized plugged into Generator
On average most Members pay the following depending on size of dwelling and types of appliances (approx): May to September: Propane cost: $ 60-125 each month and/or Firewood: $ 1,500 -$ 1,800 (10-12 face cords per season) Generator gas/diesel cost: $ 60-$80 October to April: Propane cost: $ 125-$250 each month Generator gas/diesel cost: $ 80-$150
NO HUNTING allowed

NO Marijuana Grow-ops

NO AirBnBs
All property maintenance, enhancements and winter snow removal.