South River ON


All Season Off-Grid Tiny Homes near South River Ontario

Arcadia Tiny Homes offers numerous benefits to our Clients. Not only are we a builder of Tiny Homes on Wheels which we can deliver anywhere in Canada or USA, but we also offer our own land to park your newly build Tiny Homes on Wheels legally, within an Unorganized Township of Lount, only 3.5 hours North of Toronto. Additionally, we are now able to offer financing for Tiny Homes on wheels through Canadian Financial, making home ownership a reality.

Arcadia started in 2018 allowing individuals and families to build their own Tiny Home or have us build them a Tiny Home on 40 acres.  Now at full capacity, we are expanding onto a new development which will include approx. 20 more lots on another 40 acre parcel. Starting at only $ 194,999 + tax, not only is home ownership possible but owning your own lot is within your reach.

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